Hello, I'm Michael. I love building stuff.

btw. I don't like writing stuff, so most of this was written in like 2015 with causal updates later.

I'm a software engineer. I develop applications for iOS and the web. I spend the first several years of my iOS career at Nike building the SNKRS app, Nike App, and leading the Mobile Data Capture team. Previously I interned at Intel and Hormel Foods ITS. I graduated from Whitworth University in May 2015 with a Computer Science B.S. and Theology minor. While president of the ACM Club, I saw a need for a platform to manage and showcase the clubs we had on campus. I designed, developed and implemented a comprehensive and custom platform for the clubs and student government. These experience have invigorated my passion to build things – on iOS and the web.


I enjoy technology, innovation, design, and making the world a better place. These interests manifest themselves most apparently in my passions for different companies and organizations.

I grew up on the Mac; I am and always have been an Apple fanboy. I first became a shareholder back in 2007. Apple has had a deep influence on who I am. I love the design and polish that goes into their products.

My passion for charity: water was ignited after first hearing Scott's story many years ago. charity: water is a different class of charity. They have a strong emphasis on beautiful design and enticing marketin. 100% of the public's money goes towards the water projects and they use technology to show you where your money has gone. While in high school, I partnered with them and raised $10,000 to build two wells in Ethiopia.

Over the years, I've had a growing interest in wearables market and the motivation to move. Nike has inspired me to be the athlete that've I've always wanted to be. Nike has transformed me into a person who can be that athlete because I have a body, I am an athlete.

Back in 2009, I stumbled across Tesla and knew electric vehicles were the future of vehicles. I've had a passion for the company and been following them ever since.


I said I love building stuff. Not writing stuff. Eventually I'll do some writing about these projects and experiences until then you can just marvel at how amazing they probably are. Use your imagination. ;)